Having a wedding plan, followed by a checklist is essential for a successful wedding


Photo By Daniel Suarez Photography

Having a wedding plan, followed by a checklist is essential for a successful wedding.

The bride and groom should start by drawing a wedding plan, which should include theme ideas, locations, and everything that needs to be considered before getting out there and asking for prices and packages. By doing a simple plan, you will save time, money, and a few disagreements with the other half.

Getting ideas shouldn’t be too hard. You should look at wedding magazines, internet search, movies and even ask friends (at least the ones that have gotten married) about how they decided their themes. Keep in mind that a wedding reception does also play a big part in choosing your theme. I have photographed weddings throughout Brisbane and Gold Coast and have experienced first hand the different themes each wedding reception have to offer.

For example, the Arundell Hills Country Club wedding reception at the Gold Coast will offer you different atmosphere than what the Gold Coast Intercontinental  wedding reception has to offer. Both outstanding services and views. Out to Brisbane, you have the popular, which offers beautiful gardens around the reception for the bridal party photo shots. It’s a great reception for you to have a very relaxing wedding day without the hassle of going from one location to another for your wedding photographs.

I recommend that you’re careful when choosing the venue for your wedding reception. Once you have decided on your wedding reception you can finalize the colour theme, outfits and even the smaller details of the wedding.

For more ideas head to wedding planning. And if you are on the lookout for a Gold Coast wedding photographer, look no further than Daniel Suarez.