Engagement photo shoots

Are you considering planning photo sessions not just on your wedding day, but before or after too? I love to offer pre-wedding or engagement shoots as part of a package. It lets you create an entire timeline of unique events, some of which might get lost after the excitement of the big day!

A pre-wedding shoot is usually a more informal session, full of fun and laughter. They’ll let your photographer get to know you as a couple, how you are around each other, and how you respond to the camera. This will make your wedding photography all the smother.These shoots are also invaluable for getting to know your photographer better. Building a rapport will mean you find it easier to get exactly what you want out of your shoot on the big day.

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Details about your engagement photography package

Shot in RAW setting to get the highest quality, you’ll receive upwards of 25-50 photos (up to an unlimited number) with every package. All images are professionally edited and colour-corrected, perfect if you’d like to complement your ceremony with a shoot at a different time of year – perhaps some autumnal or winter shots against a more dramatic background, or some night time scenes to add even more excitement.

We’ll personalise your package to add even more spice to your wedding photography!

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